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Fears and Phobias


I myself  know what it is like to suffer from a phobia, as I had a severe flying phobia. After just one session of Hypnotherapy and EFT, I now fly and don't need the reassurance that I once did.

There are many things which people fear, Spiders - Water - Flying - Heights - Dogs - Doctors - Needles - Dentists, the list is endless, are you suffering from one of these or something different, let me help you as you do not have to suffer anymore.

Some fears go way back to childhood,and as a child these things can be picked up so easily. Think of your subconcious mind as your protector, and you are happily playing in the garden, your mother opens the shed door to be greeted by a spider, of which she is terrified, so she screams out and causes you anxiety as she does so, bingo your powerful subconcious mind has now a powerful protection for you, as it now see's that spiders can kill you. The subconcious only see's in right or wrong, black and white there are no grey areas as far as it is concerned, so you now have an anxiety around spiders which in later life you can't explain as you cannot remember that first event, but your subconcious can and it gives you that feeling of anxiety as a protection everytime you see a spider. You have to respect that feeling as it is very powerful, but it can be overcome.

 Others fears and phobias can be picked up later on in life and I have ways to overcome both.
Many fears can be overcome in as little as one session, but others may take more.
Help is here, so contact me for a friendly confidential chat.

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